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Take your sales, marketing and customer support to the next level with a professional Chatbot

Today most companies have one or more employees managing social media channels like facebook and Instagram. It can be a hustle and takes a lot of time without any clear ROI.
In the last few years, a new technology surfaced the marketing industry.
The Chatbot

Since this technology is still new, most companies are not using a Chatbot for their business. It’s time to change that, and let your social media presence get a ROI


What We Offer

Your Chatbot built for you

We create the Chatbot for you.
From start to finish.
You can choose from a wide variety of different setups and integrations. 

Integration with your facebook page

Integrating the Chatbot to your facebook page is the smartest think you can do. This instantly gives your customers a 24/7 customer service, answering specific questions instantly.

Integration with your website

Integrating the Chatbot to your website is really powerful. Instead of asking your customers for their email address (old school), you can get all the information needed from the customer with a single click of a button. You can also easily provide real time chat support to your customers.

Integration with your facebook ads

Sending your customers from a facebook ad to a Chatbot is a real game changer. Normally you send your customers to a landing page, and if they don’t buy, your only chance is basically retargeting with more ads. With a Chatbot you can continue to have a dialog with the customer in Messenger and turn them into buying customers.

Integration with payment systems

Let the customer buy products and services directly from Messenger. We integrate with the leading payment solutions on the market like Stripe and Paypal but also Swish (Swedish payment system).

Lead scoring and gameification

Keep your customers engaged by providing content, contests and games. This way you can use lead scoring to track potential buyers and create raving fans to your services and products.

Integration to anything

We provide unique integrations to any online system with an API. We can send data to any of your systems.
Salesforce, Google Sheet, Excel.
Or your favorite Email software like Hubspot, Activecampaign, Mailchimp, Aweber, Convertkit and more…
We can even integrate to IRL (In Real Life).
Let your customers open your front door from Messenger!

Connect your chatbot to AI

The latest trend is to connect your Chatbot directly to AI. This will really give your customer service a serious upgrade.
The Chatbot is availible 24/7, and what it cannot handle, can be handed over to a human chat. This is super powerful.

Chatbot University

When you have your own markering department, we will help you get up to speed, when it comes to using, building and maintaining your Chatbot.
We provide masterclasses in our Chatbot Univerity

Let us create your first chatbot

It’s super easy and fast to get your own Chatbot.
Just fill in the contact form and let’s get started 🙂