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The Pizza Bot
for Messenger

Ordering Pizza over the Phone

Most Pizza owners still use the telephone to handle ordering of takeaway Pizza.
If you are a Pizza owner you probably know about all the fuzz when using the phone.

  • Handle one phone call at a time
  • Writing down the order on a piece of paper while having the phone to the ear (and shoulder)
  • Writing down the exact requirements from the customer (eg. no onion, extra cheese, and so on)
  • Always having one employee answering the phone all the time, or missing a call 😱

Besides the Phone issues, many restaurants struggle to get their menu online on all digital platforms, in a readable format.
Maybe you have the menu on your webb page, but what about Facebook and Instagram?

A common version of the menu, is actually just a snap from the camera on the smartphone as an image of the big menu hanging inside the restaurant, totally unreadable.

And what about ordering a Pizza without a phone?

Also one of the biggest problems is if the employee woke up on the wrong side, and is acting grumpy towards the customers.

The Pizza Bot takes care of all of this. Present your menu directly in Messenger with both images and text.

Your customers can order any Pizza from your menu, and they can also easily change any addons to the Pizza, like extra cheese, and no onion.

When the order is complete, you get a printout on a local printer in your restaurant. A 100% hassle free solution.

And the bot is one happy camper 😁, and your customers will always be treated perfectly when ordering Pizza from the bot.

Give the customer an offer!

One of the best things you can do for your business is to attract new customers.

One of the most proven methods of doing this, is to give the customer a first time discount offer.
This can be a tricky thing to do. Most restaurants have tried to send out flyers in the mail, with a coupon code. 

The Pizza bot has a built in system for both first time discount codes, and a loyalty program that rewards the customer when buying Pizza from your restaurant every time.

Totally magic stuff for any Pizza owner that wants to rule the town!