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When you want to sell more in your Restaurant or Bar

What is more that Smart?
The answer is: SMIRT
SMIRT lets your Restaurant or Bar give your customers a whole new experience. Besides taking food and drink orders directly in Facebook Messenger, SMIRT also handles instant payments, Upsells,  Branding combined with super easy administration done by you.
Perfect for any Restaurant that wants to convert more to takeaway orders, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

What is SMIRT?

SMIRT is a supercool service that supercharges any Restaurant or Bar

Order Food

SMIRT offers your complete meny directly in Messenger, including options like add-ons or different sizes.

Order rinks

SMIRT also handles your complete assortment of drinks


When customers order Food, SMIRT can recommend other options like a nice wine, or a dessert.

Integrated Payments

Payments are handled directly in Messenger. Standard payment options is Visa, Mastercard, Applepay, and more options are coming soon

Customer Interaction

Ordering Food and Drinks from SMIRT is a complete new experience for the customer. It’s fun and engaging, and gamification and Quizzes can be integrated

Branding and Storytelling

SMIRT is perfect for Branding your business and even better at Storytelling.

Covid-19 friendly

During Covid-19, many restaurants have a really hard time surviving. SMIRT allows your restaurant to handle more Takeaway orders.


How are you handling marketing of your restaurant today? Most restaurants have no marketing at all, but with SMIRT, you can use both Facebook and Instagram to hype your restaurant

Instagram is next

Facebook recently released their plan to migrate messaging between Messenger and Instagram. Maybe you have noticed the new logo for Messenger? It’s a branding thing towards Instagram, so soon SMIRT will take orders within Instagram as well!!!

Do you want SMIRT?

Today 2020-11-24 we started the first live version of SMIRT at Restaurant Rost in Ängelholm .

We are evaluating SMIRT:s full potential, and pretty soon you can order SMIRT directly on this site.

Until then, you are more than welcome to apply to our waiting list.
Enter your details in the form, and let’s get in touch!

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The story behind SMIRT

In the summer of 2019, sitting in a restaurant with my family, we where a bit stressed, since we planned to go and see a movie, after eating.
In the restaurant we had to WAIT and WAIT and WAIT.
Wait for the waiter (seriously, is it called waiter since you have to WAIT for them?), WAIT to get the menu, WAIT to order the food, WAIT for the food, WAIT to be able pay.
Why all this WAITING?
Why can’t I have the menu and order food and drinks in my phone, and pay before I get served, so I can run out of the restaurant if I need to…
This is when I started to think about ordering food in Facebook Messenger, but what should I call the solution. My youngest daughter’s boyfriend Bill, is a really clever guy, and he always said that something was Smirt instead of Smart. I think it was because is mother i Danish, and (I guess) in Denmark you say Smirt instead of Smart (but I could be wrong)
That’s when it hit my. The solution shall be called SMIRT, and here we are 🙂 SMIRT